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Aaronia AARTOS Drone Detection System (DDS)

    Aaronia AARTOS Drone Detection System (DDS)

    Manufacturer: Aaronia

    This product is no longer available at Saelig.


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    The Aaronia AARTOS Drone Detection System can sense airborne drone activity with a virtually unlimited detection range. The AARTOS DDS monitors the entire frequency spectrum (e.g. 100MHz - 20GHz) hundreds of times per second with 360° dome coverage for airborne activity, and is fully customizable depending on the application and situation. It can be configured as a portable or mobile system, or a fixed station with an unlimited number of sensors to form a network covering large areas, and there are no inherent limitations in terms of altitude and elevation. All systems can be linked to a single monitoring center with remote-control for each individual setup. The latest AARTOS DDS V6 generation can detect a DJI Phantom 4 FCC drone at 50 km or more, but the specific range depends on factors such as drone type and topography. The AARTOS DDS uses AI techniques to distinguish between drones and other airborne objects, minimizing the likelihood of false alarms. It is an entirely passive system and does not emit any radiation which could interfere with other infrastructure.

     Detecting a drone may take the DDS system between 10μs to 500ms, depending on the configuration and the number of IsoLOG 3D DF antenna arrays. A drone even can be detected as soon as its operator establishes a radio link (i.e. the drone and/or the remote control are switched on). The process of pairing, radio link, take-off, and climb usually takes between 30 seconds and five minutes, depending on the drone model (e.g. the DJI Mavic Pro). This allows the AARTOS DDS a unique early-warning capability by detecting the drone even before it can take off. Optical, acoustic or radar-based drone detection solutions are not able to perform this kind of early-warning detection. The AARTOS DDS can even detect the drone operator's location. It can track the operator’s movements even if drone and operator are operating at different frequencies or bands. With two systems it is possible to accurately estimate the distance of the drone, and an AARTOS DDS system with two or more antennas can also estimate the drone's altitude.

    Traditional RF-based drone detection solutions only monitor specific bands, such as WiFi 2,4/5,8GHz or ISM 433/868MHz, since this is where most commercial drones have operated previously. But the latest commercial and custom drones will connect at any (mostly illegal) frequencies. This is why the AARTOS DDS' unique all-band-monitoring receiver and ultra-wide-band tracking antenna work so successfully, sensing the complete frequency range. The system can be covered with materials such as a camouflage covering without impacting its detection capabilities, unlike optical, acoustic or radar-based drone detection systems. When mounted on a vehicle, the AARTOS DDS resembles a common TV or satellite antenna.

    The AARTOS DDS drone detection system can benefit the automotive and chemical industry, critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, correctional facilities, governments, operators of airports, stadiums and concerts, military branches, security firms as well as private individuals seeking to protect their homes and properties. A system has recently been deployed at London's Heathrow Airport.

    Each system is configured to suit needs and circumstances.  Please call for a detailed quotation.


     systems and versions



    aiprotrIn Germany alone, German air traffic control reported an increase of 80% of drone sightings in 2018 compared to the previous year. In the event of a drone sighting, the entire airport must be closed for hours, and sometimes even for days. This does not only cost millions, but also leads to chaotic conditions in passenger processing.

    Our AARTOS threat prevention system helps to locate the perpetrators within the shortest period possible and to display the route of all drones incl. flight height. Thus, flight interruptions are reduced to the absolute minimum, and the airport operator saves enormous costs. AARTOS is the only system that is installed in international airports globally. A system has recently been deployed at London's Heathrow Airport.


    Critical Infrastructure

    infrastructureThe total failure of critical infrastructure can have unmissable consequences.

    Whether oil or gas refineries, chemical plants or substations – critical infrastructure has been largely unprotected up to now. Public safety and providing for society are at stake here.

    Our AARTOS Drone Detection System monitors even extremely large areas with a high level of accuracy and without any HF emissions which could interfere with procedure.

    With AARTOS, several facilities can be monitored from a central command post with extremely high reliability.



    Drone attacks can generate mass panic.

    eventsTargeted attacks by drones over event sites are unfortunately becoming more frequent and often cause very significant damage. Organisers can now rent a system which does not cause any disruption to radio traffic (for example, with stage equipment) and is not even noticeable to the visitors.

    With everything from the rental of individual systems to customized solutions, Aaronia offers an international service which can be used flexibly in both urban and rural areas.



    MilitaryWhether in the desert, on the ice, or in the jungle – the protection of military properties is of great importance. When used in the fight against state and military, a single targeted threat by a drone can have devastating consequences for national safety. Our AARTOS Drone Detection System is suitable for almost all locations worldwide, and it is robust and extremely reliable. Our system has proven itself worldwide, thanks to its simple operation and accurate detection. AARTOS is already used successfully by the German Army, the Austrian Army, and the Australian military, for example.

    Our AARTOS system has an independent energy supply and can be deployed reliably for your events.



    policeDrones can massively obstruct police protection.

    Our AARTOS Drone Detection System was the exclusive anti-drones solution to protect the NATO summit in Brussels in 2018. Delivered quickly and ready for use, our system alone fulfilled all police requirements, such as the multi-target detection and a high range in the urban environment.

    We offer cost-effective, portable versions which can also be used for general radio monitoring or for preservation of evidence.

    The AARTOS system is reliably available to you on request as a mobile solution within one minute, and enables extremely fast location of drones and their pilots.


    Correctional Facilities

    correctional facilityDrones deliver contraband and dangerous weapons to prisons.

    Legislators have set up another flight ban zone in Germany for drones for “Correctional facilities and Penal system facilities”. Nevertheless, weapons, mobile phones, and other illegal goods are always getting in to prisons through the air space, and these incidents are increasing daily.

    Our AARTOS Drone Detection System has a to-the-metre-accurate protective shield and versatile monitoring perimeters that work flawlessly in an urban environment.

    The AARTOS system meets the high requirements which are urgently needed for safety in correctional facilities.



    vipProtecting their privacy is of utmost importance.

    Personal protection and protection of privacy are extremely important topics for VIPs, because being shielded from the paparazzi is part of everyday life for people in the public eye.

    When a threat is detected, the AARTOS Drone Defence System automatically sends notifications to you via app, for example to your smartwatch or smartphone.

    The AARTOS system works flawlessly in residential areas and does not need an operator. It is already successfully in operation worldwide in exclusive residential areas.



    yachtsUnexpected drones endanger human lives on board.

    Salt water, vibration, heat – this means extreme challenges to a drone defence system on board a ship.

    The AARTOS Drone Detection System adapts dynamically to the movement of the ship, is not impaired by the ship’s radar, and does not interfere with any ship-related electronics. It can also be easily adapted to the shape and contour of the yacht through various customisable options (Aaronia’s OEM Service).

    AARTOS can seamlessly integrate into ship systems and thus protect your privacy successfully.


    Border Protection

    border protectionDrones at national borders at extreme altitudes are no longer a rare feature.

    Due to the long range and flight heights, drones are being used increasingly for border espionage or for smuggling over borders.

    The AARTOS system counters this with a high detection range and accuracy and is thus predestined for border protection. With minimal hardware needed and thanks to unlimited scalability, extremely large border areas can be monitored.

    AARTOS is already used globally for the prevention of espionage flights and to prevent smuggling.

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