The DL3031 Programmable DC Electronic Load is versatile yet economical single output 150 V/60 A unit, with a total capability to 350 W.  Five software-enabled licenses are optionally available, to suit individual needs: (LAN-DL3, DIGITALIO-DL3HIRES-DL3, FREQ-DL3, SLEWRATE-DL3).   RS232/USB/LAN interfaces come as standard (USB-GPIB optional) for remote control of the DL3031 in various test situations. A 4.3” TFT LCD displays multiple parameters and instrument conditions simultaneously. There are 4 static modes (constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power) as well as 3 dynamic modes (continuous, pulsed, toggled). Overvoltage/overcurrent/overpower/overtemperature/reverse-voltage protection is provided.

The DL3000 Series of Programmable DC Electronic Loads are high performance test tools for general-purpose testing in the R&D lab. The user-friendly interface and excellent performance specifications makes the economical DL3000 series ideal for a wide range of test requirements.  
Tests provided include: battery test function, OCP test, OPP test, factory test function, short-circuit test, etc.
Applications include: