Siglent SPD1000X Single Channel Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies are available in two models: SPD1168X (16V/8A) and SPD1305X (30V/5A).  Both of these high performance power sources feature a 2.8” TFT-LCD with real-time waveform display and remote computer control capabilities. The display provides 5-digit voltage and 4-digit current indication, a waveform display function, and timer features. These supplies offer a remarkable minimum resolution of 1mV/1mA with stable, reliable, low ripple and noise (≤ 350uV RMS/3mVpp; < 2mA RMS) output and fast transient response time (< 50us).

Two output modes are available: 2-wire output mode, and 4-wire compensation output mode. The 4-wire sense function provides accurate voltage sourcing, especially with long lead situations or high resistance connections. Additional output short and overload protection ensures safety for education, production, and development applications. 

The advanced design also includes an intelligent temperature-controlled fan to minimize noise. Five groups of system parameters can be saved and recalled.

Easypower PC software is included, which allows PC control of the power supply and supports SCPI and LabView.