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PicoScope 2205A-D2 25MHz 2-Ch Oscilloscope w/o Probes (PP966)

    PicoScope 2205A-D2 25MHz 2-Ch Oscilloscope w/o Probes (PP966)

    Manufacturer: Pico Technology

    Price: $235.00


    Calibration Certificate [CC017]
     Add $129.00

    Purchase of Calibration Certificate [p/n CC017] requires factory calibration. Please allow 2 week lead-time.  For recalibration of an existing unit, please contact Saelig at 888-772-3544.

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    25MHz benchtop performance in a passport-sized package!

    The PicoScope 2205A-D2 Oscilloscope (PP966) is a convenient alternative to bulky bench-top oscilloscopes – but in a tiny package. The “-D2” version comes without probes – to suit applications where you already have the input cable:  maybe you want to connect signal directly with a BNC cable – or you already have plenty of scope probes around.  

    The PicoScope 2205A Oscilloscope means that you can now take a sophisticated 25MHz 200MSample/second scope with you on demos or field service calls. A tiny form factor is not the only advantage of these PC-based scopes. With Pico Technology’s PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software, advanced features such as serial decoding and mask limit testing are provided in the pull-down choices – not extra like many bench scopes. New functionality is constantly being provided via free downloadable upgrades, optimized with the help of abundant customer feedback.

    The PicoScope 2205A is designed and made by Pico Technology, the UK originator and pioneer of high-precision PC-based oscilloscopes and automotive diagnostics equipment.  PicoScope models all now feature an integrated function or arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), so test signals are available for you to use anywhere.  Stable triggering, automatic measurements with statistics, Fast Fourier transform spectrum analysis, math calculations, mask limits, and serial decoding are powerful features of PicoScope 6 software, provided at no extra charge.  It provides real-time signal acquisition and PC display and printing for any of Pico Technology’s oscilloscopes and runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  PicoScope turns almost any PC into a true high-power oscilloscope - view and analyze real-time signals using the PC’s massive processing power.  Also included in this sophisticated but easy-use software for desktop or laptop PCs are: FFT capability to create a spectrum analyzer, voltage-based triggers, and the ability to save/load waveforms to disk.    

    Ideal for field technicians or sales engineers, the PicoScope 2205A suits other applications including electronics design, production test, educational needs, servicing, sensor monitoring, fault finding, and repair.

    USB2.0 connected

    USB Connectivity

    The USB connection with a PC makes printing, copying, saving, and emailing your data from anywhere quick and easy. The high-speed USB interface provides fast data transfer, while USB powering removes the need to carry around a bulky external power supply. 

    Fast A/D sampling

    The PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes are designed with fast real-time sampling rates up to 1 GSa/s, which is equivalent to a 1ns timing resolution. And for repetitive signals, the equivalent-time sampling (ETS) mode even raises the maximum effective sampling rate to an incredible 10GSa/s, allowing 100ps  resolution! All scopes support configurable length pre-trigger and post-trigger capture.


    Arbitrary waveform and function generators

    Arbitrary waveform/function generator included!

    All PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes have a built-in arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). Test waveforms can be imported from the oscilloscope, from external data files, or even created and modified using the built-in graphical AWG editor.  Standard function generation is also included (sine, square, triangle, DC level, etc.)  As well as level, offset and frequency controls, advanced options allow you to sweep through a range of frequencies. Combined with the spectrum peak hold option, this creates a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses.




    Advanced digital triggering

    Advanced digital triggers

    As well as the standard range of triggers found on most oscilloscopes, the PicoScope 2200A Series offers one of the best selections of advanced triggers available. Pulse width, windowed, and dropout triggers to help you find and capture your signal quickly.  Most digital oscilloscopes still use an analog trigger architecture based on comparators. This can cause time and amplitude errors that cannot always be calibrated out. The use of comparators often limits the trigger sensitivity at high bandwidths and can also create a long trigger re-arm delay. For over 20 years Pico has pioneered the use of full digital triggering using the actual digitized data. This reduces trigger errors and allows our oscilloscopes to trigger on the smallest signals, even at the full bandwidth. All triggering is digital, resulting in high threshold resolution with programmable hysteresis and optimal waveform stability.   And the mask limit testing function can help to detect waveforms that fail to meet your set thresholds.


    Excellent signal integrity

    High signal integrity

    Oscilloscopes are usually built to a price but PicoScopes are built to meet a specification.  Careful front-end design and shielding reduces noise, crosstalk and harmonic distortion. Pico Technology’s decades of oscilloscope design experience can be seen in improved pulse response and bandwidth flatness.  And unlike other oscilloscope companies, where optional extras considerably increase the price, Pico’s high-end features such as resolution enhancement, mask limit testing, serial decoding, advanced triggering, automatic measurements, math channels, XY mode, segmented memory (where available), and a signal generator are all included in the price.  And it only gets better!  Pico Technology has a long history of providing new features for free through software downloads.  


    High-end features as standard

    Buying a PicoScope is not like making a purchase from other oscilloscope companies, where optional extras considerably increase the price. With our scopes, high-end features such as resolution enhancement, mask limit testing, serial decoding, advanced triggering, automatic measurements, math channels, XY mode, segmented memory (where available), and a signal generator are all included in the price.

    To protect your investment, both the PC software and firmware inside the scope can be updated. Pico Technology have a long history of providing new features for free through software downloads. We deliver on our promises of future enhancements year after year, unlike many other companies in the field. Users of our products reward us by becoming lifelong customers and frequently recommending us to their colleagues.

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