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PicoScope 4423 4-CH Standard Diagnostics Kit (PP857)

    PicoScope 4423 4-CH Standard Diagnostics Kit (PP857)

    Manufacturer: Pico Technology

    This product has been superseded by the PicoScope 4425 (PP923)


    • Description
    • Specifications

    Warranty LogoOur most popular kit gives you the ability to measure and record up to four signals simultaneously. It comes complete with a variety of accessories including leads, probes, clips and current clamps to allow virtually all the components on modern vehicles to be tested.

    This package contains the 4-channel 4423 Picoscope module and software combined with an extensive test lead package. It is compatible with any vehicle and great for basic and advanced testing whether your a PC-novice or a Master Technician.

    This 3rd generation Pico scope offers support and power in an affordable and flexible package for use with any vehicle:

    • 4-channel scope to measure up to 4 signals at once
    • Memory: 32 MB samples allows waveform detail to be zoomed
    • Sampling rate: maximum at 80MS/s
    • Input: 100 volts maximum
    • Accuracy: +/- 1%
    • Connection to PC: USB 2.0 connection for fast screen updates (USB 1.1 compatible)
    • Advanced trigger modes capture intermittent faults
    • Unlimited storage of waveforms and settings
    • 60-preloaded tests and waveform references
    • CAN bus compatible
    • FlexRay compatible
    • 24 month warranty
    • Language Options (English, French, German, Italian)
    • Free software updates
    • Free technical support

    Also, power to the scope module is supplied via the USB port!

    How does it compare to the competition?

    Two features that help the PicoScope outperform other scope are (1) high performance vertical resolution and (2) memory buffers.

    (1) Vertical Resolution: Unlike most digital storage oscilloscopes, which typically have 8 bit vertical resolution and poor DC accuracy, the PicoScope is accurate to 1% and has 12 bit resolution. This gives a vertical resolution of 4000 'dots' compared to the usual 100 or 200 of most other automotive scopes.

    (2) Memory Buffer: PicoScopes also feature large memory buffers - making it possible for you to capture large, complex signals and then ZOOM into areas of interest to show the fine detail of the signal.

    What can I test with the PicoScope

    The PicoScope offers professional-level testing and flexibility for diagnosing faults in any modern vehicle. The package includes software and hardware (leads, adapters and connectors) so you can acquire signals from:

    • Primary and secondary ignition circuits
    • Glow plugs and timer relays
    • Fuel injectors
    • Fuel pumps
    • Alternators and starters
    • CAN Bus
    • and many other sensors and actuators: ABS, crankshaft, camshaft, MAP, MAF, throttle position, knock and lambda sensors

    For expanded testing, the PicoScope is compatible with many aftermarket accessories that are sold separately, including:

    • Pressure transducers
    •  Ignition Parade modules and COP probes
    • Software
    • DLC Breakout box

    How do you use a PicoScope?

    Use a PicoScope just like any other PC program. Select a preset from the Automotive drop-down menu and click it. The PicoScope will automatically:

    1. Display a sample waveform (there are over 60 samples)
    2. Adjust the lab scope settings (time, volts, trigger, sweep, etc...)
    3. Display a tutorial page with information on the accessories and steps needed to perform the test.

    PicoScope 4-Channel Kit Contents

    • PicoScope 4423 PC based oscilloscope module
    • USB Cable
    • Four 20:1 attenuator
    • Four premium test leads (3 meters - approx 10 ft)
    • Four Secondary ignition pickups
    • 2-pin break out lead
    • 600A AC/DC current clamp
    • 60A DC current clamp
    • Four pin-tip probes
    • Four small alligator clips
    • Two large dolphin clips
    • Acupuncture probes
    • S-hook for hanging test leads
    • PicoScope Automotive software CD
    • Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic CD (Video)
    • Quick start guide
    • Sturdy carry case
    • Free technical support
    • 24 month warranty

    System Requirements

    Generally, if your PC meets the specs required for the operating system that is installed on it, the PC will also work with the PicoScope.

    • Pentium II processor (or equivalent) minimum
    • Memory: Pentium II processor (or equivalent) minimum
    • 300 MiB minimum
    • Operating system: 32 or 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or above), Vista or Windows 7
    • Ports: USB 1.1 compliant port (USB 2.0 recommended)

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