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AFG-2012 12MHz Arbitrary DDS Function Generator

    AFG-2012 12MHz Arbitrary DDS Function Generator

    Manufacturer: GW Instek

    Price: $278.00

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    GW Instek’s AFG-2012 12MHz Arbitrary Function Generator is a Direct Digital Synthesized (DDS) signal generator designed as an economical signal source for providing Sine, Square (Pulse), Ramp (Triangle), Noise and Arbitrary test waveforms. With a 20MSa/s sampling rate, 10-bit vertical resolution and 4k point memory, the AFG-2012 can create almost any specific waveform needed. It has a 0.1Hz resolution for Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms, so the AFG-2012 can be used in a wide range of applications.

    The AFG-2012’s extremely user-friendly interface allows quick and easy setting of waveform parameters:  waveform type, frequency, amplitude, DC offset, modulation type, and duty cycle. This is done either through keypad entry or control knob selection.  The 3.5” LCD Screen shows amplitude, DC Offset and other settings – all at the same time.

    The AFG-2012 is has a USB Device interface for remote control and waveform editing via a PC. Editing software is provided to simplify waveform creation on the PC – then users can download the waveform data from the PC to the AFG-2012 for creating the desired signal outputs.

    Arbitrary Waveform Function

    Providing high accuracy and high stability DDS standard function waveforms (sine/square/triangle), the AFG-2012 also has the capability to generate any arbitrary waveforms that users might need. The 20MSa/s sampling rate, 10 bit vertical resolution and 4k point waveform memory allow waveform creation point-by-point through keypad entry on the front panel, or via waveform editing on the PC and downloading the waveform data to the AFG-2012. The PC software facilitates the editing of complicated and irregular waveforms, which meets many requirements in various real life applications.

    Adjustable Duty Cycle

    An adjustable duty-cycle of square waveforms is a frequently used feature of a Function Generator. Usually, however, the adjustable duty cycle is limited to a 20% ~ 80% range, which may not fit the needs of specific applications. The AFG-2012 can provide a 1% ~ 99% variable duty cycle for its square/pulse waveform output. This feature allows the AFG-2005 to be used as a Pulse Generator to create pulse waveforms simulating spike or transient signals in general applications.

    Parameter Setting

    The keypad entry and knob selection for waveform parameter setting is a unique feature of the AFG-2100/2000 Series.  Conventional analog knobs may not be accurate enough for precision setting of waveform parameters. The keypad entry design of the AFG-2005 improves the setting certainty over conventional function generators and significantly increases the accuracy of its waveform output. Besides keypad entry, the AFG-2012 also offers the knob selection convenience with a digital knob design, which allows user to see the parameter value change in detail on the 3.5” LCD screen – even when the adjustment is in progress.

    Waveform Amplitude & DC Offset

    Besides the output waveform frequency, the AFG-2012 is able to display on the LCD screen many parameters simultaneously: output waveform amplitude, DC offset, and other key setting information. This helps the user to know about the signal output without needing to check the waveform with an oscilloscope.  The waveform amplitude value can be shown in one of the three user-selected units, including Vpp, Vrms and dBm. This saves the time and trouble of tedious math conversion between various units of waveform amplitude.

    AM/FM/FSK Modulation, Sweep & Frequency Counter

    All AFG-2100 models are equipped with additional AM/FM/FSK Modulation, Sweep & Frequency Counter functions. The AM/FM modulated signal provides for basic modulation needs in test and experiments.  The FSK modulated signal is provided as a convenient source for the performance evaluation of digital modulation circuits. The Sweep function, with precise frequency sweep range/time, fits many basic applications, such as sweep-tone test of a loudspeaker in a 20Hz to 20kHz sweep range. The built-in frequency counter of the AFG-2012 can measure the frequency of an external signal up to 150MHz, and saves the added cost of purchasing an additional standalone frequency counter.

    USB Interface

    The AFG-2100/2000 Series provides a USB Device Interface, which allows the programming of remote control or ATE of the product. Arbitrary waveform editing software provided facilitates the waveform creation task. After the waveform editing is completed on the PC, the waveform data is downloaded through the USB Interface to the AFG-2012 to create the specific arbitrary waveform output.

    Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software

    The arbitrary waveform editing software contains not only waveform drawing tools but also a wide variety of waveform editing functions. The most commonly used waveforms (Rayleigh, Gaussian, Normal Noise, Pseudo Ternary, Bipolar AMI, Manchester, Differential Manchester, RS-232, and NRZ etc.) are available in the library for a user to adjust to more specific waveforms as needed.  This software can also import CSV format files as waveform data created by the other tools. The editing software helps the AFG-2012 reach even more applications!


    ISO9002-accredited GW Instek has grown to become the largest manufacturer and developer of test and measurement instruments in Taiwan.  GW Instek has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation.  In fact, the GW Instek name is a byword for quality electronic test & measurement instruments due to its decades of experience in R&D, marketing, and manufacturing.

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