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Product Overview:

The OLED (OLED-96 and OLED-96-xMb) is a compact and cost effective all in one "SMART" OLED Display with an embedded graphics controller that will deliver "stand-alone" functionality to your project. The "simple to use" embedded commands not only control background color but can produce text in a variety of sizes as well as draw shapes (which can include user definable bitmapped characters such as logos) in 65K colors whilst freeing up the host processor from the ˜processor hungry" screen control functions.

Main Features:

  • 96(RGB) x 64 dots resolution, 65K true to life colors, Enhanced OLED screen.
  • 0.95? diagonal (24mm), 28mm x 24mm x 5mm.
  • No backlighting, near 180° viewing angle.
  • Easy 4 pin interface to any host device: 5V, Tx, Rx, GND.
  • 5 Volts supply, current @ 40mA nominal.
  • Serial RS-232 (0V to 3.3V) with auto-baud feature (300 to 128K baud). If interfacing to a 5V system a series resistor (1K) is required on the Rx line.
  • Optional USB interface via the 4D microUSB (USB or USB-MB) modules.
  • Also available in 1 or 8 mb of onboard flash.
  • Three selectable font sizes (5x7, 8x8 and 8x12) for ASCII characters as well as user-defined bitmapped characters (64 @ 8x8).
  • Built in graphics commands such as: LINE, CIRCLE, TEXT, PAINT, USER BITMAP, BACKGROUND COLOR, PUT PIXEL, IMAGE, etc. just to name a few.

Typical Applications:

  • Full color graphics OLED display for any microcontroller project.
  • Interface to any PIC, AVR, Basic Stamp, ARM or any other microcontroller as well as a PC.
  • Ideal to implement as an electronic panel meter or gauge of any sort for instrumentation or automotive applications.
  • Can be used as a mini Bill-Board for advertising.
  • Ideal user interface for any medical or industrial handheld equipment.
  • Cost effective ready to go intelligent display for hobbyist, student or professional engineer.
  • Download images, icons, animations and pages of text from any PC with the aid of freely available companion "Graphics Composer" utility software.