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RTR-500GSM - GSM Cellular Connected Data Collector

    RTR-500GSM - GSM Cellular Connected Data Collector

    Manufacturer: TandD Corporation

    This product is discontinued.


    The RTR-500GSM is a Mobile Base Station which can carry out wireless communication and is equipped with GSM phone network capabilities.

    It can be used as a Base Unit for our newest RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series and if within in communication range for GSM cellular phone service it can be used for transmitting data and warnings from the mountains, on the sea or for any other out of the way places; perfect for tracking data while in transport. When a measurement exceeds an upper or lower limit and has been judged by the RTR-500GSM to qualify as a warning; a warning report can be sent via e-mail or SMS to specified e-mail address enabling the user to always stay in the know about changes in measurement readings.

    RTR-500GSM can not be used with our RTR-5 Series Loggers and RTR-50.

    RTR-500 Series Brochure

    RTR-500 Series Datasheet


    Application Examples

    • Place in freight vehicle to record and monitor temperature and humidity during transport
    • Monitor and record temperature and humidity in distant places where LAN connection is impossible

    GSM Cellular Phone Communication Function

    By placing a Base Unit in the truck cabin and Remote Unit(s) in the cargo compartment(s), it is easy to monitor temperature and humidity while on the move. As long as the Base Unit is in communication range for cellular phone service it can be used to communicate with and manage Data Loggers that are within wireless communication range; perfect for during transport, in the mountains, on the sea or for any out of the way places where a LAN connection is impossible.

    Warning Monitoring Function

    When a measurement exceeds an upper or lower limit and has been judged by the RTR-500GSM to qualify as a warning; a warning report can be sent via E-mail or SMS to specified e-mail address enabling the user to always stay in the know about changes in measurement readings. Moreover, by connecting a siren or lamp to the external contact output connector when an important warning occurs, the people at the point of measurement can also quickly take any necessary action.

    Automatic Downloading of Recorded Data and Monitoring of Current Readings

    Recorded Data and Current Readings can be automatically downloaded from Remote Unit(s) at a set interval and that data can then be sent by e-mail or FTP to a designated address.

    Select a Power Source to meet your Application Needs

    The user can select to run the unit on four AA alkaline batteries, or use the AC adaptor to connect to an AC outlet, or hook up to an external power source of their choice by connecting to the External Power Connector (DC 8 ¨C 34V). Keeping batteries in the unit provides a backup source of power for when and if electrical power is cut from the AC or DC connection. If using batteries as the source of power, the estimated battery life is about 10 days.

    * If necessary, please purchase separately our optional AC adaptor AD-0605.

    * When using an external power source, it is necessary to use a power source which meets the specifications of our External Power Cable BC-0201 supplied with the unit. We do not handle or sell external power sources; please purchase separately.

    * Battery Life will vary depending on the measuring environment, the quality of the battery being used, the frequency of communication and other settings made in the unit.

    High Speed Wireless Communication and Data Downloading

    The wireless communication range, if unobstructed and direct, is about 150 meters [500 ft]. Downloading recorded data from one full (16,000 readings) Remote Unit into the Base Unit takes only about two minutes. Placing a Repeater between the RTR-500GSM and Remote Units can easily expand the wireless communication range. When using Repeaters and downloading data, the same amount of time noted above is necessary for each Repeater.

    About SIM Cards

    To use the RTR-500GSM, you first must purchase a SIM card from your cellular phone company or carrier and install it into the RTR-500GSM. After installing the card and making some necessary settings with the supplied software via PC, you are ready to connect to your cellular phone network.

    The SIM card must adhere to the following conditions:

    * Compatible with GSM (GSM 850 or GSM 1900).

    * Able to use SMS (Short Message Service) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).

    * The card has been activated.

    Attach GPS Info to Current Readings (Optional)

    Current Readings from Remote Unit(s) can be sent via e-mail or FTP; with a GPS receiver connected current location info can also be attached to the transmission. It is necessary to purchase the GPS receiver separately.

    T&D Corporation does not handle or sell GPS receivers. The following receiver has been proven to work with our system: BR-355 Cable GPS (GlobalSat Corporation). For all inquires and questions concerning sales of the product, please directly contact GlobalSat at ( http://www.globalsat.com.tw/ ).


    RTR-500GSM (FCC model for US)
    Compatible Devices Remote Units: RTR-501/501L, RTR-502/502L, RTR-503/503L

    Repeater: RTR-500
    Features and Functions 1. Auto-downloading of Recorded Data (E-mail or FTP)

    2. Automatic Sending of Current Readings (E-mail or FTP)

    3. Warning Monitoring (SMS, E-mail or Contacts)

    4. SMS Remote Control ¡¡
    • Stop and Start Functions 1, 2, 3, above
    • Request Immediate Download of Data to Set Address
    Types of Warnings Remote Unit Temperature / Humidity Measurement Warnings,

    Remote Unit Wireless Communication Error Warnings,

    Remote Unit Battery Level Warnings,

    Remote Unit Sensor Abnormality Warnings,

    Base Unit External Power Loss Warnings (only when batteries are installed),

    Base Unit Battery Level Warnings / Base Unit External Contact Input Warnings
    Power AA alkaline battery x 4

    External power (DC8-34V)

    AC Adaptor AD-0605(5V)
    Current Consumption At most 2A (5V, with GSM in operation)
    Communication Interface USB (with PC)

    Optical Communication (with Remote Unit)
    LED Indicator POWER: Green / ERR: Orange / ALM: Red
    Battery Life 10 days of continued use if monitoring is carried out every 10 minutes (when not using GPS).

    * Battery life varies depending upon the frequency of communication, the measuring environment, and the quality of the batteries being used.
    Dimensions H96mm x W66mm x D39mm / Antenna length 109mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Weight Approx. 220g ( including batteries )
    Operating Environment Temperature : 10 to 55 ¡ãC ( -10 to 55 ¡ãC when external power connected)

    Humidity : 20 to 80%RH (Without dew condensation)
    Other Not waterproof, moistureproof, or dustproof.
    Short Range Wireless Communication
    RF Power 7mW
    Wireless Specifications FCC Part15 Section247 / IC RSS-210 (Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz)
    Transmission Range About 150m (500 ft) (if direct and unobstructed)
    Communication Speed When downloading 1 Remote Unit of full data (16,000 readings): about 2 minutes

    * The same amount of time will be necessary for each added Repeater.
    Cellular Phone Communication
    Network GSM850/GSM1900(PTCRB Certified)

    GPRS(General Packet Radio Service)
    Data Transfer Protocol Auto-downloading of Recorded Data / Automatic Sending of Current Readings:

    • FTP (PASV mode also supported)
    • SMTP (SMTP-AUTH, POP-Before)
    • *SMTP-AUTH supports LOGIN only

      Warning Monitoring:

    • SMS / SMTP (SMTP-AUTH, POP-Before)
    • *SMTP-AUTH supports LOGIN only
    Contacts (Warning Output/Input)
    Output Terminal

    Open Drain Output
    Voltage when OFF: DC less than 30V

    Current when ON: less than 0.1A

    Resistance when ON: 15¦¸
    Input Terminal Internal Pull-up : 3V 100k¦¸

    Maximum Input Voltage : 30V
    GPS Communication (Option)
    GPS Interface Connector : Mini DIN 6 Pin Female

    Communication Standard : ANSI / EIA/TIA-232-E

    Geographic Coordinate System : WSG84

    Power Supply : 5V MAX 100mA
    Other Attach geographical positioning info to Current Readings


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