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Cleverscope CS328A-FRA 100MHz 8 MSa 12-bit MSO Scope

    Cleverscope CS328A-FRA 100MHz 8 MSa 12-bit MSO Scope

    Manufacturer: Cleverscope

    Price: $1,758.00


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    This bundle consists of a fully configured CS328A USB 2.0 oscilloscope and INCLUDES: 12-bit 100 MSa/s, 2 analog channels, 8 digital inputs, External Trigger, 8M samples storage for each of the 2 analog and 8 digital channels, CS701 Isolated Signal Generator (0-10MHz, Sine, Square, Triangle). Complete with the CS300 application software, 2 x CS1001 and CS1004/5 probe sets.

    Cleverscope Model CS328A-FRA is a USB connected, PC hosted oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer with PC based application software and an included CS701 ISOL Signal Generator.

    CS328A Acquisition Unit

    • Two 12-bit analog channels sampling simultaneously at 100 MSa/sec. AC or DC coupled.
    • USB 2.0 Interface to the PC or 10/100Mbit ethernet, depending on option
    • Gain automatically set from 20mV full scale to 800V full scale by choosing graph view and probe switch setting.
    • Offset automatically set from 0 to ±4 or 40V in 10/100 mV increments by choosing graph view. As an example 20 mV signals may be viewed superimposed on a 3V DC level.
    • Analog triggering of the waveform in view with a resolution of 1% of the display height. The analog trigger may optionally be conditioned with a low pass, high pass or noise filter.
    • One external trigger, threshold adjustable from 0 to ±20V in 40 mV increments.
    • Eight digital inputs sampling at 100 MSa/sec, threshold adjustable from 0 to 8 V in 10 mV increments.
    • A hardware trigger system based on a rising or falling edge on any input signal, optionally qualified by a user determined digital input combination and a minimum or maximum trigger duration.
    • A rear panel I/O connector with a 100 Mbit/sec bi-directional LVDS/RS422 link, and three RS422 outputs defaulting to sampling started, trigger received and sampling stopped.
    • Each channel (two analog, trigger and 8 digital) includes 8M samples of storage, providing up to 40 ms of simultaneous storage for all channels, with 10 ns resolution.
    • The sample storage may be allocated as between 2 to 1000 frames varying in size from 2M to 4000 samples. These may be used as a history store for reviewing previously captured signals, or to capture up to 1000 trigger events with a minimal 2 µs inter-frame delay, while maintaining time relative to the first trigger for all succeeding frames.
    • 25 MHz 5th order Anti-alias filter for improved Spectrum Analysis performance.
    • Triggered LED and Power LED on the front panel.
    • Input power range from 6 ~ 12V, 5W provided by a universal mains adaptor.
    • Low jitter (1 ps rms) sampling clock for 70 dB spurious free dynamic range.
    • Self calibration to ensure DC performance specifications are met.
    • Enclosure size: 153 x 195 x 35 mm.

    CS300 Application Software

    • Separate, freely moveable and resizable windows to display the signal, a zoomed signal view, and the frequency spectrum of the signal, and control panel.
    • The zoomed signal view optionally tracks the signal view cursor.
    • Spectrum analysis with a variety of conditioning windows and display in log or linear format.
    • Each signal window includes a time/amplitude tracer, and two markers for comparison purposes. Colours are user definable.
    • Signal averaging (exponential, block and peak hold) and low pass filtering.
    • Signal measurement, including Peak to Peak, RMS, DC, pulse width, period and frequency.
    • Copy and Paste graphic or data to other applications.
    • Save and Open from disk.
    • User defined units, signal names and scaling (offset and gain).
    • Text annotation of each graph.

    CS328A Equipment List

    The following equipment is included with the CS328A

    • 1 x CS328A Oscilloscope Acquisition Unit with 12-bit 8M capture and USB interface
    • 1 x Power Supply Unit and lead
    • 2 x CS1001 1x/10x 250MHz probe kit
    • 1 x CS1004/CS1005 8 bit 100MHz digital input pods including probes
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x CD that includes CS300 Application Software, CS328A User Manual, sample files, videos and white papers

    The Cleverscope CS328A is a USB 2.0 mixed signal PC oscilloscope which brings benefits to the user that are unavailable from traditional stand-alone oscilloscopes. Its innovative approach delivers an unbeatable combination of affordability, ease of use and documentation of test results with the simple "Copy and Paste" facility

    A USB oscilloscope that works - how can Cleverscope help you?

    Cleverscope allows you to  copy and paste waveforms into your reports. Send your test results via email. Use an image projector to work with a group. Or use the advanced math and signal processing to extract important signal information...with just a few clicks of your mouse.  

    Considering the purchase of an Agilent or Tektronix mixed signal oscilloscope? Check out the Cleverscope Oscilloscope Review and see how much more you get with Cleverscope!

    Don’t take just our word for it - read what delighted users have to say in these testimonials

    Interested in Cleverscope but not sure it will do the job for you? This  video "What Cleverscope is" highlights some things Cleverscope can do for YOU.

    Cleverscope has considerable analysis ability. After you've downloaded the evaluation application try downloading a couple of our worked examples. Here we illustrate protocol decoding, using the two triggers, and Math filtering, etc. All the examples come with a sample file, and some with an additional explanatory PDF.

    Download the demo version of Cleverscope software evaluate it for yourself. No extra hardware or special devices are required.

    Our resources page includes useful information about Cleverscope such as guided tours, screen shots, and product comparison tables. Here you will also find Drivers, the latest software and hardware updates, and user manuals.

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