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PicoScope 3205 Kit 8-bit  2-ch 100MHz Scope Adapter + Signal Generator (PP374)

    PicoScope 3205 Kit 8-bit 2-ch 100MHz Scope Adapter + Signal Generator (PP374)

    Manufacturer: Pico Technology

    This part is superseded by the Pico Technology PP960.


    Kit includes (2) 60MHz probes and heavy duty carrying case!


    PicoScope oscilloscopes

    PicoScope 3000 oscilloscope

    Pico " the market leader in PC oscilloscope technology " have been manufacturing PC-based oscilloscopes since 1991.

    The PicoScope 3000 (PP262) series is the fourth generation of PC oscilloscopes from Pico. They offer unrivalled performance and are cost-effective replacements for traditional benchtop oscilloscopes.

    The PicoScope 3000 series is available in two distinct ranges: ThePicoScope 3200 range of 2-channel oscilloscopes, and thePicoScope 3400 range of 4-channel oscilloscopes.

    Oscilloscopes in the new PicoScope 3000 series all feature ahigh-speed USB 2.0 interface, together with impressive sampling rates, high bandwidths and alarge buffer memory.

    oscilloscope software

    PicoScope oscilloscopes simply connect to the USB port on any standard Windows based PC, making full use of the PC's processing capabilities, large screens and familiar graphical user interfaces. PC oscilloscope owners looking for a scope that offers outstanding performance and ease of use, will find the PicoScope 3000 series the perfect choice.

    PicoScope oscilloscopes are supplied with PicoScope software (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and meter). Also supplied is PicoLog data acquisition software that transforms your PC into a high-speed data logger.

    • 2 or 4 Channels
    • 10 GS/s sampling rate
    • 200 MHz bandwidth
    • 1 MS buffer memory
    • High-speed USB 2.0 interface

    Ideal for use both in the lab or in the field, the PicoScope 3000 oscilloscope series is the perfect choice for users who demand high-performance and portability in an easy-to-use, low-cost package.

    The Power to Perform


    “The PicoScope 3000 oscilloscope range offers a level of performance that exceeds any PC oscilloscope currently manufactured by ourselves or our competitors.”

    — Alan Tong, Technical Director of Pico

    As a general purpose oscilloscope, the large memory and high bandwidths of the PicoScope 3200 range of PC oscilloscopes make them ideal for use in all areas of test and measurement — from manufacturing and repair to research and development.

    Powerful enough to replace benchtop oscilloscopes

    All three PicoScopes in the 3000 range feature high bandwidths and sampling rates previously not available with PC-based oscilloscopes. The PicoScope 3206 has an impressive 200 MHz analogue bandwidth and a single-shot sampling rate of 200 MS/s. Using Equivalent Time Sampling (ETS) for repetitive signals, the sampling rate is increased to a staggering 10 GS/s.

    PicoScope PC oscilloscopes have the following advantages over traditional bench top instruments:

    • Waveform storage is limited only by the PC's storage capability
    • Captured waveforms and instrument settings can easily be shared with others
    • New functionality through free software upgrades
    • Compact and portable design

    Large memory buffers allow the capture of fast and complex signals

    All digital oscilloscopes collect data into a waveform buffer, the bigger the buffer memory the longer the scope can collect data without reducing its sampling rate. PicoScope 3200 PC oscilloscopes all feature large buffer memories — from an impressive 256 thousand samples for the PicoScope 3204 up to a remarkable one million samples for the PicoScope 3206.

    Most oscilloscopes in the same price bracket as the PicoScope 3206 have buffer memories of below 32 kB. With 1 MB of memory, the 3206 can capture at least 30 times as much data allowing complex waveforms to be captured in great detail even if they last for long periods of time. Once captured, PicoScope oscilloscope software allows you to zoom in on your signal at up to 2000 times magnification — allowing you to examine every last detail of the signal.

    More information on the benefits of large buffer memory

    USB 2.0 for fast data transfer

    PicoScope 3000 series PC oscilloscopes are connected to the USB port on any modern laptop or desktop PC. The fast USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s) interface ensures a quick screen update rate, even when collecting large amounts of data, whilst still retaining backward compatibility with PC's using USB 1.1

    PicoScope USB oscilloscopes can be powered directly by the USB bus, eliminating the need for an external power supply in most applications, eliminating the need for an external power supply, and making the PicoScope 3000 series ideal for use both in the lab and in the field.

    More information on the benefits of USB 2.0 connection

    Built-in Signal Generator

    The PicoScope 3204 can output a fixed 1 kHz square wave for compensating oscilloscope probes. The signal generators built into the PicoScope 3205 and 3206 can output sine, square and triangle waves up to 1 MHz in frequency. A useful feature is the sweep function that can be combined with the spectrum analyzer peak hold function to quickly test the bandwidth response of filters and amplifiers.

    Spectrum analyzer peak hold function

    Download the PicoScope 3200 data sheet (PDF) giving full details of the PicoScope 3200 range of PC oscilloscopes.


    Oscilloscope Specifications

    PicoScope 3204 3205 3206
    Bandwidth 50 MHz 100 MHz 200 MHz
    Sampling rate

    (repetitive signals)
    2.5 GS/s 5 GS/s 10 GS/s
    Sampling rate

    (single shot)
    50 MS/s 100 MS/s 200 MS/s (single channel)

    100 MS/s (dual channel)
    Channels 2 + Ext trigger
    Oscilloscope timebases 5 ns/div to 50 s/div 2 ns/div to 50 s/div 1 ns/div to 50 s/div
    Timebase accuracy 50 ppm 50 ppm 50 ppm
    Spectrum ranges 0 to 25 MHz 0 to 50 MHz 0 to 100 MHz
    Dynamic range 50 dB
    Signal generator Fixed 1 kHz square wave Fixed amplitude, Variable frequency sine/square/triangle wave with single/dual slope sweep options.

    Maximum frequency 1 MHz.
    Trigger modes Free Run, Auto, Repeat, Single and Save To Disk On Trigger
    Pre/post trigger -100% to +100%
    Buffer size 256 kS 512 kS 1 MS
    Resolution 8 bits
    Accuracy ±3%
    Ranges ±100 mV to ±20 V
    Input impedance 1 MΩ
    Overload protection ±100 V (signal input)

    ±30 V (signal generator / external trigger)

    ±50 V (between grounds)
    PC connection USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible) - cable supplied
    Power supply From USB port*
    Dimensions 140 x 190 x 45 mm
    Supplied software PicoScope (oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, meter), PicoLog (data logger), Drivers and examples (C, Delphi and Visual Basic, Labview, Agilent VEE6.1 and Excel.)

    Software is supplied on CD.
    PC requirements Processor: Pentium class processor or equivalent.

    Memory: 32 MB minimum

    Disk space: 10 MB minimum

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP or later.

    Ports: USB 1.1 compliant port minimum. USB 2.0 compliant port recommended. Must be connected direct to the port or a powered USB hub.



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