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GL SPECTIS 8.0 Advanced Spectroradiometer

    GL SPECTIS 8.0 Advanced Spectroradiometer

    Manufacturer: GL Optic

    Price: $27,300.00


     Product ships in 2-6 weeks.

    • Description
    • Features
    • Specifications

     Advanced Spectroradiometer with Optical Stray Light Reduction* for high precision light assessment.

    The new GL SPECTIS 8.0 is a unique, integrated Spectroradiometer containing high sensitivity back thinned CCD image sensor and revolutionary Optical Stray Light Reduction* method which brings spectral light measurement to a new higher level than ever seen before. GL SPECTIS 8.0 is the only one on market using revolutionary OSR method / Optical Stray Light Reduction*/ which ensures high accuracy of test results. In combination with the high sensitivity optical system integrated with back thinned CCD image sensor GL SPECTIS 8.0 offers many advantages compared to conventional laboratory measuring devices.

    Different light sources like LED, Fluorescent Lamps or LCD Displays require different optical probes. GL SPECTIS 8.0 can be combined with additional equipment to measure all differentlight sources, displays as well as LED light. Additional equipment is available for various measurement requirements. In order to achieve extraordinary properties of its instruments GL Optic in cooperation with world-class suppliers is offering solutions which answer the demand of the professional markets.

    The Lastest Photonics Solutions

    Diagram 4The optical system of the GL SPECTIS 8.0 is using the latest technology solutions available in spectroscopy. Mirror / Grating / Mirror spectrometer platform uses silica transmission grating and back thinned CCD image sensor. The sensor and electronics are thermally stabilized and the software is constantly monitoring the base line level. Transmission gratings provide supreme transmission properties and high diffusion efficiency. These characteristics allow to set a very short integration time which is important in high accuracy light sources measurements and can be the crucial factor in ultra-fast production process control applications. Back thinned CCD sensor offers very high quantum efficiency over the wide spectral range. This helps to achieve more accurate and low noise light measurements in the UV, VIS and NIR range. The high optical resolution of this platform makes it an ideal tool for narrow band light sources measurements and fast light measurements in industry applications.





    Software DiagramSPX driver


    GL Optic spectrometers are delivered with free-of-charge driver software. It also features the measurement mode to run measurements and providing the information on the native data as well as a simple graphical representation of spectra. The SPX driver software contains all necessary calculations for band-pass error correction, correction of baseline level and the calculation procedure for OSR* system /Optical Stray Light Reduction/ to determine and correct the influence of stray light on measured spectra.

    GL SpectroSoft can also be purchased


    GL SpectroSoft is the helpful tool for laboratory application as well as for field work in production quality control and for general light assessment purposes. The software interface gives the user quick access to useful information and functions. It contains Calculation of tri stimulus values for the specification of light source color according to CIE standards. CCT, Chromaticity Error, Color Peak, Color dominant, CRI (CIE 13.3) and Metamerism Index (CIE 51.2). Additionally the measurement procedure according to ISO 3664:2009 for the assessment of the light viewing conditions is available.

    • Absolute or relative measurements
    • Flexible data interpretation
    • Helpful tools for easy analysis and interpretation of measured spectra

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