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Packet-Master USB500 AG  USB2.0 Development Tool + Generator

    Packet-Master USB500 AG USB2.0 Development Tool + Generator

    Manufacturer: MQP

    Price: $1,600.00


    A package of 5 Class Analysis Options (worth USD $595) included free of charge!

    Classes included:
    Hub, HID, Mass Storage, Printer and Vendor

    • Description
    • Downloads

     The Packet-Master USB500 AG can be configured either as a Hardware USB Bus Analyser, or a USB Generator. As an analyser it is intended for development of Low, Full and High Speed USB devices or hosts. It includes On-The-Go analysis, a 64 Mbyte FIFO, and advanced hardware triggering. In this mode it has all the functionality of the Packet-Master 480+.

    Configured as a USB Generator, it will emulate a host or a device, allowing you to exercise a unit under development in any way you wish.

    In either configuration it performs continuous VBUS voltage and current measurement.

    USB Bus Analyser

    The Packet-Master USB500 AG is supplied with GraphicUSB, a fully featured graphical display and analysis program. It will assist you in understanding and implementing USB devices or hosts from the very lowest level of packets and bus condition timings, up to the intricacies of the standard or vendor class protocols. It will indicate where errors are occurring, allowing you to pinpoint problems within seconds.

    It describes every event and protocol element in a clear and appropriate style.

    USB Generator

    The USB500 AG can also be used as a USB generator. In host mode, it provides the VBUS supply, applies bus states, and sends packets and waits for responses, but all under control of your script.

    In device mode, it emulates plug-in, waits for the appropriate bus states and packets, and responds with the required data, all exactly as you specify.

    To see the detailed interactions on the bus, use any USB analyser.

    The advantage of using a Packet-Master unit for the analyser is that the powerful GraphicUSB application is able to control both the analyser and the generator simultaneously.

    VBUS Monitor

    In either configuration, the USB500 AG continuously displays the VBUS voltage and current.

    USB500 AG as a Hardware Analyser

    A PC-hosted hardware analyser is the most cost-effective way to view the actual data on the USB bus itself, without capture-file size being limited by the analyser unit.

    The USB500 AG is hosted via a high speed USB connection, and backed up with a 64Mbyte FIFO to prevent any chance of data loss.

    Details of Operation

    The Packet-Master Analyser connects passively between a host and the USB device, and captures USB activity without influencing the link.

    Graphical Representation


    The Packet-Master application, GraphicUSB, has been carefully designed to provide an immediate intuitive representation of the USB packets. The representation at packet level includes each element of the packet, together with precise timings. Colour is used to differentiate bus speed and to highlight anomalies, and data direction is clearly indicated in every case.


    Convenient toolbar buttons allow rapid manipulation of the display. A single click enables Top Level only representation to provide a fast overview of the protocol, and similarly a single click reveals every single bus event. A set of standard filter buttons enables a rich selection of intermediate representations.

    Custom filters allow devices or endpoints of no interest to be omitted from the display for clarity.


    An important feature of any analyser is the ability to trigger capture on a particular event, or sequence of events. The Packet-Master USB500 AG has a particularly comprehensive triggering capability, though at the same time extremely easy to operate.

    Pre-Trigger Buffer

    An essential capability is to be able to capture events occurring before the trigger point, as it allows investigation of events that lead up to a particular situation. The Packet-Master USB500 AG allows Pre-Trigger buffer sizes of between 2K bytes and 32 Mbytes.

    Panel Controls

    It is often convenient to control the capture of USB data from the physical location of the analyser, instead of the host PC. The Packet-Master analysers are provided with push button controls on the front panel.

    Class Analysis

    GraphicUSB can be equipped with a wide range of standard and vendor class analysis options.

    As class analysis is an essential part of understanding or developing USB, the Packet-Master is currently supplied with a bonus pack of 5 selected analysis class options from the complete set.

    USB500 AG as a Hardware Generator

    With a Packet-Master Generator, you no longer have to persuade your host computer to produce a rare situation for testing your device. Write a simple script and the generator will do the rest.

    It is important to be able to test the response of your device to an illegal or uncommon request from the host. For example, you need to respond correctly when a non-existant string descriptor is requested.

    Rather than hope that the event will occur, you can simply write a script to produce exactly that request, and see immediately how your device responds.

    Benefits of Packet-Master USB500 AG

    • Save Development Time
    • Identify Problems Fast
    • Fine-tune Performance
    • Understand USB
    • View Host Command Sequences
    • Examine Working Devices
    • Simple Connection
    • Emulate any host or device sequence

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