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Fotric 228 Thermal Camera 640x480 FOV 28.7x21.6 w/ J7 Smartphone

    Fotric 228 Thermal Camera 640x480 FOV 28.7x21.6 w/ J7 Smartphone

    Manufacturer: Fotric Precision Instruments

    Price: $8,891.00


    FREE AnalyzIR Professional Thermal Image/Video Analysis Software!
    Click HERE to Download

    Please allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery.

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    The Fotric 228 is a high quality thermal imaging camera with a built-in S7 smartphone to provide easy operation, thermal analysis, and communication capabilities. Using a 640 x 480 pixel sensor, the 228 has a 28.7deg x 21.6deg field of view.  The minimum focal length with a standard lens is 4” with manual focusing – more precise/selectable than autofocus, with a built-in 8x continuous digital zoom. 8 movable regions of interest can be defined, with emissivity adjustably set for each area.

    The Fotric 220 Series of thermal cameras combine infrared technology with smartphone capabilities.  The easy to learn smartphone app controls all functions. These cameras can record up to 1000 frames of full radiometric video and capture temperature change processes in real time with a user-defined sampling rate of up to 5 frames/sec. Data collection is automatic with no need for an attached PC.  

    The Fotric 220 Series supports the instant analysis of thermal images and videos on the instrument itself. The low power design of the series provides up to 10 hours of Li-ion battery operation to insure a full day’s work without interruption.  Externally power may be used for permanent installations.  

    One very useful feature of the series is a built-in QR code reader. For routine thermal monitoring of equipment, scanning a QR code attached to a machine can automatically tag and save images without error-prone manual entries.  Individual emissivities of each image section and image distance can be entered to improve the temperature accuracy of differing materials. 

    The Fotric 220 Series of thermal cameras use top quality components to insure long-term reliability and service life.  

    AnalyzIR software is provided with these cameras for in-depth analysis of the images: each frame in the video stream preserves the temperature reading of each pixel.  R&D researchers as well as equipment maintenance technicians can use the video stream plotting and 3D visualization of temperature images to note hot-spots and subtle temperature changes.  Picture-in-picture super-impositioning of the hot spot on a visual image of the scene helps to better identify a problem object’s exact location. A choice of 15 color palettes helps to make the thermal image most visually useful. Data storage of up to 1TB is supported.  Data can be automatically gathered, triggered by time, temperature, or an external signal, with threshold alarms available together with the automatic capture of high, low, and average temperature. Images can be annotated with voice or text memos.

    A number of Germanium lenses are available to suit differing applications, including a macro lens to allow down to 20um object temperature discrimination.

    Typical applications include:  electronics (PCB and component analysis), biomedicine (experimental processes), automobile (tire fatigue, engine component malfunction, materials testing (fatigue, stress), medical (disease detection, heat dissipation), fire detection (pre-ignition, leakage), etc.

    The Fotric 220 Series Cameras weigh only 22oz and are quite compact (4.7” x 5.7” x 3.7”). 

    All Fotric 220 series cameras come with a standard lens fitted. Customer may order additional optional lenses to meet their needs. As each lens has to be calibrated with the camera to be used, it's recommended that customer orders the camera and additional lens at the same time to save time/cost. 

    The LinkIR APP runs on the unit’s built-in smartphone so you can perform thermal inspection and testing, create live reports, and a variety of other tasks.  The professional thermal image/video analysis software AnalyzIR runs on a PC so you can further analyze the data for engineering and R&D applications. Fotric’s analysis software runs on Windows operating systems to provide powerful thermal analysis and reporting tools.  The camera supports up to 1TB fully radiometric thermal video recording, which helps R&D users to record the complete data of an entire experimental process.

    • Stream or record fully-radiometric video
    • View, capture, and analyze pictures at high-speed
    • Generate charts, graphs, and plots
    • Export Raw Temperature Data

    The temperature data of every pixel in every frame can be conveniently exported in CSV format for use in other simulation and modeling software.

    (See software manuals in the Downloads tab).

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