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S2405 Programmable Universal 5 MHz Scope

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    S2405 Programmable Universal 5 MHz Scope

    Manufacturer: Seintek

    This product is sold out. Please consider the HDS1021M or HDS1022M as alternatives.




    • Dual Channel and Auto Calibration.
    • DC to 5MHz Oscilloscope band width
    • Sampling Time:

      * Single CH Mode: 50Ms/S

      * Dual CH Mode: 25Ms/S
    • Automatic Triggering.
    • Automatic setting for horizontal and vertical division
    • Roll and Single shot mode
    • Excellent internal noise reduction
    • Real time Update
    • Auto ranging.
    • 16 shot waveform and setup memories
    • Built-in auto ranging True-RMS digital multi-meter
    • Data hold and run mode.
    • Extra Bright Back light display
    • Low battery indication.
    • Max. Voltage between any Input and Ground: DC or AC 600Vpeak
    • RS-232 interfaces for transferring measurement data and waveform.
    • Display Type: Super-Twist 132 x 128 pixels
    • Designed to comply with safety standard for UL3111, CSA C22.2 No.1010-1



    Sample Rate  25 Meg-samples per second (Dual CH mode)
     50 Meg-samples per second (Single CH mode)
    Record Length  512 in single shot and glitch capture mode

    256 in all other modes.
    Sample / Division  25
    Update Rate  Real time
    Modes  Single shot, Roll, Normal
    Accuracy  0.01%
    Sweep Rate  1uS to 5S in 1, 2, 5 sequence


    Bandwidth  5MHz
    Resolution  8 Bit
    Channels  Dual
    Coupling  AC, DC
    Input impedance  1 MÙ
    Accuracy  3%
    Max. Input Volts  DC or AC 600Vp-p
    Volt / Division  50mV to 500V in 1, 2, 5 sequence


    Type  Internal, External
    Coupling  AC, DC
    Slope  Rising or Falling edge
    Internal Trigger Sensitivity  2/20 Division


    Wave Form Memory   16 Shot

    Digital Multi-Meter Function

    DC V

    Range  Resolution Accuracy Impedance
    5V 0.001V ± (0.3%+3) 1 MÙ
    50V 0.01V
    500V 0.1V
    1000V 1V

    AC V

    Range  Resolution Accuracy Impedance
    50Hz~450Hz 0.45kHz~5kHz 5kHz~200kHz
    3V 0.001V ±(0.75%+5) ±(2%+5) ±(2.5%+5)  
    30V 0.01V
    300V 0.1V
    750V 1V N/A


    Range  Resolution Accuracy Over Load Protection
    5 kÙ 0.001 kÙ ±(0.5% +5) 600V DC or

    AC Peak
    50 kÙ 0.01 kÙ
    500 kÙ 0.1 kÙ
    5 MÙ 0.001 MÙ ±(0.75%+10)

    Continuity Test

    Test Voltage Max. Test Current Over Load Protection


    100 digits 600V DC or AC Peak


    Range  Resolution Accuracy Over Load Protection
    100 Hz 0.01 Hz ± (0.5% +5) 600V DC or

    AC Peak
    1 kHz 0.0001 kHz
    10 kHz 0.001 kHz
    100 kHz 0.01 kHz
    1 MHz 0.0001 MHz


    Function  Range  Resolution  Accuracy
    RPM  240~60,000 1RPM  ± (0.5% +5)
    % Duty, Cycle   25% ~ 75% (30 RPM to 19,000 RPM, Pulse Width > 0.5mS)
    Pulse Width   0.2 ~ 1999.9mS (30 RPM to 19,000 RPM, Pulse Width > 0.5mS)


    Power Requirement  9V 6F22 x 2
    Dimension  90(W) x 190(D) x 32(H) mm
    Weight  Approx. 260g
    Standard Accessories  Test Lead, Instruction Manual, Charger




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